About Suzie's Grill


Welcome to Suzie's Grill - the only meat Kosher restaurant in the Houston area.  In business since 2000, Suzie's Grill serves the highest quality cuts of meat and freshest fruits and vegetables.  We specialize in authentic Mediterranean dishes.  All dishes are certified Kosher by the Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas (MKT) and the Houston Kashruth Association (HKA). The HKA is listed on the Chicago Rabbinical Couincil's (CRC) website.

In case you are new to Kosher dining, the word ‘Kosher’ is a Hebrew word that means ‘fit’ or ‘proper’.  In practice it means preparing food in accordance with dietary laws.  When you eat Kosher food, you know that the ingredients have been stored, handled and cooked under strict rules and supervision.  The result is an extra-delicious and healthy meal.

We know you will enjoy your experience with us at
Suzie's Grill.

Thank you for visiting us and enjoy your stay at Suzie's Grill.






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